Monument Valley 2 for iOS – Download

Monument Valley 2 for iOS:  Monument Valley is one of the trending games which are now available for iOS devices. You can easily download the game from iTunes app store. Monument Valley has released its new version called Monument Valley 2. The art of M.C.Escher inspired it. The game has stunning graphics and beautiful background music. Today’s article gives you an idea of what the theme of Monument Valley 2 for iOS and its features.

Monument Valley 2 for iOS

Monument Valley 2 is a game for solving various kinds of puzzles. You play as Ida, a princess who must navigate and exit the level by solving the problems. And also you have to help the princess to reach her mother. And travel through illusionary pathways and  Each level has different structure and traversal with moving and rotating. People who love to solve puzzles and suspense games can enjoy the Monument valley game.

 Monument Valley 2 for iOS

Nowadays everyone loves to play adventures and suspense games on their devices. Most of the people must be aware of this Monument Valley 2 game. It is availble for you at the cost of $4.99 from App store. Also, supports both iPhone and iPod. Monument Vally is playing with only princess Ida. In this updated version you have to control two different characters her mother and princess. It has almost ten different levels, and each level has its art and designs.

You can also play the game on your PC. But it does not support the windows. Even though you can install it on your PC using android emulators like Bluestacks.

Monument Valley 2 for iOS

Features of Monument Valley 2 Game

If you decided to download the game means because of its features and look and feel natural. Also, you can check out its downloading steps from below sections.

  • Beautiful and unusual designs of the game.
  • Have many different levels which were quite easy to solve.
  • Background music is excellent. It leads the player to stay until finishes the game.
  • And it has a standalone adventure.
  • Beautiful sounds and visuals.
  • Best game for puzzle game lovers.
  • It is a fantastic game to play puzzle games like Monument Valley 2.

Monument Valley 2 for iOS

Steps to Download Monument Valley 2 for iOS

Monument Valley is the best puzzle game to had real fun and excitements. After downloading the game, I am sure you will enjoy the game with its beautiful graphics and arts.

  1. Open iTunes app store on your device.
  2. Search for the Monument Valley 2
  3. It will display different available games.
  4. You have to choose Monument Valley2 game.
  5. It is a paid version; you have to spend the money.
  6. Click on install button
  7. Installation takes few minutes to download.
  8. Wait for few minutes.
  9. After installation, you will receive a pop-up image of completion.
  10. Done. Now you can enjoy the game on your iOS.

Conclusion:  It sums up with the brief information about Monument Valley 2 game. People who feel like this article is helpful can share \with your friends. Have any doubts please comment in the below section.

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